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Estelon YB Mk2
Estelon YB Mk2
8 999 000 Ft

Estelon YB Mk2

Estelon YB Mk2
"... the loudspeakers reproduce space and populate that space with believable musical objects.”
Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound
The distinctive style of YB Mk II may be a masterpiece of sleek design, as with all the Estelon products, but it is also a triumph of “form follows function”. With an emphasis on lines and surfaces, as opposed to the X-Series’ organic curves, the resulting Y shape, from which the YB name derives, is obtained by the system’s asymmetric driver positioning.

The newly upgraded YB Mk II contains new crossover and cabling and it's now coming in the same marble based composite cabinet for a quality of sound that immerses the listener in both the technical brilliance and the emotional ebb and flow of the audio experience.
8 999 000 Ft
Type: Passive speaker, Sealed

- Woofer: 220 mm (8-inch) SEAS, aluminum cone
- Mid-woofer: 148 mm (5,8-inch) Scan-Speak, sliced paper cone “Revelator”
- Tweeter: 25 mm (1-inch) Scan-Speak, beryllium dome “Illuminator”

- Internal wiring: Kubala-Sosna pure copper
- Frequency response: 30-40 000 Hz
- Power rating: 150 W
- Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
- Sensitivity: 86 dB / 2,83 V
- Minimal amplifier power: 30 W
- Cabinet material: Marble based composite

- Height: 1260 mm (49-inch)
- Width: 332 mm (13-inch)
- Depth: 394 mm (15.5-inch)

- Net weight: 45 kg per piece
- Recommended room size: 16-45 m²
60 kg/pár