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GigaWatt PC-2 EVO + with LC-1 EVO cable
GigaWatt PC-2 EVO + with LC-1 EVO cable
1 699 000 Ft

GigaWatt PC-2 EVO + with LC-1 EVO cable

GigaWatt PC-2 EVO + with LC-1 EVO cable
GIGAWATT PC-2 EVO+ is a technologically advanced, new generation power conditioner, designed to power and protect audio-video systems of Hi-Fi and Hi-End class. This conditioner not only effectively protects against interference and overvoltage existing in the home power grid, but also guarantees a significant improvement of the quality of sound and displayed picture of the devices connected to it.
Six output sockets
Three filter branches
A buffer circuit
DC Offset Blocker
Anti-vibration aluminum feet
More rigid chassis

All internal elements of the conditioner were enclosed in a rigid, steel-aluminum chassis, supported on anti-vibration feet made from solid, anodized aluminum, with a layer of proprietary elastomer 3.5mm thick.

The front panel of the conditioner is made from a thick slab of aviation grade aluminum. Its surface is brushed, after precision milling, and then anodized black or silver.

The PC-2 EVO+ has six, high quality proprietary GigaWatt power sockets, with large surface contacts. The brass contacts of the sockets were subdued to the process of technical silver plating without usage of intermediate metals, like copper or nickel, which could introduce an unfavorable serial resistance and a voltage loss. The increased surface of the contacts and the thick layer of silver guarantee good contact with the plug pins. The sockets were additionally cryogenically modified and de-magnetized.

Proper operation of the unit is indicated with a blue LED mounted in a display in the middle of the fascia. The conditioner is also equipped with an additional circuit signaling wrong connection to the power grid. Its action is indicated by a red LED on the back of the unit, which signals wrong polarity of the device or faulty grounding.
1 699 000 Ft
Available socket types: EU (Schuko), US (Nema 5-20R), AU (AS/NZS 3112)
Line voltage: 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz or 110-120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum output power: 3 680 W
Maximum current load: 16 A
Absorbed impulse current: 20 000 A
Dimensions (W xH xD): 440 x 115 x 400 mm
Gross weight: 15,6 kg