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225 000 Ft


The iSO-CAT7 is a product that improves the performance of the iSO-CAT6, which was used as a necessity for all audio systems that use LAN ports. Although the iSO-CAT6 may seem like a small and simple accessory, it has received good reviews from many users for its definite effect. One of users praised it as “the best audio accessory I have ever used in my life”.

The iSO-CAT7 is a further improved LAN isolating filter that easily surpasses the performance of the iSO-CAT6 and has been developed after numerous tests to realize the sound performance required for Ultra high-end audio. Through this test process, specially selected parts to shape and refine the audio were chosen and each of the four Ethernet signal lines embedded in the Ethernet cable are separated and shielded to reduce interference between each signal line as much as possible to lead to a definite improvement in sound quality.

If you listen to music using the iSO-CAT7 in your system, connecting it to the network player which, is the most important part in the network audio system, you will be able to understand what it means to refine digital sound closer to analog sound. This is not just simple improvements in specific parts of the music, but clear changes in sound that causes the illusion of reconstructing sound of the entirety of the music or listening to another recording of the same music.

The moment you add the iSO-CAT7 to your system and feel the higher level of sound, it won’t be easy to stop playing music with its novelty.
225 000 Ft
Isolator specification
Fully shielded modular jack
10GBast-T compatible isolation transformer
Ultra high-end audio grade sound tuning
No external power supply needed
Supplied LAN cables for iSO-CAT7 Special Edition
Black cable: It brings the highest resolution and dynamic sound among the 3 LAN cables.
Grey cable: It brings sound character in between the black and dark grey cables.
Dark grey cable: It brings a mild and comfortable sound.
Operating environment
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
Storage temperature: -10 ~ +50℃
Operating & storage humidity: 10% ~ 90%
200 g/db