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Ansuz PowerSwitch D·TC Gold Signature
Ansuz PowerSwitch D·TC Gold Signature
7 800 000 Ft

Ansuz PowerSwitch D·TC Gold Signature

Ansuz PowerSwitch D·TC Gold Signature
A golden generation in performance
The Ansuz PowerSwitch D-TC Gold Signature is Ansuz top-of-the-line ethernet distributor. It is equipped with Ansuz most sophisticated and most advanced noise reduction, resonance control and dither technologies, which has been further optimized by the implementation of gold and zirconium. The result is a refined authenticity and a lifelike musical experience.
The challenge was to find the optimal amount of gold in the composition with silver and copper. The result is the Ansuz Gold Signature series, which presents the music with an extremely clear, natural and sonic reproduction.Sandwich bottom plate
The aim is to reduce to an absolute minimum any vibrations that might be absorbed by the electronics and circuitry, and to ensure that audible resonances are perceived as a natural and organic part of the overall sound. The cabinet is connected to this base plate, which is constructed as a sandwich solution. The base material is a heavy, compact laminate panel with titanium layers on the top and bottom. The base plate is also equipped with Ansuz Feet to mount Ansuz Darkz and best support the elimination of interfering resonances. Note that Ansuz Darkz are optional and not
Carefully settled signal handling.
The conductors are made of shielded Gold and silver plated copper.
The Tesla coil principle
The key operating principle of the Ansuz Tesla coil is to have two coils wound in opposite directions – one coil and one counter coil. In Ansuz words, this is called “A double inverted coil”. The two coils both carry voltage, and when one of the Tesla coils encounters a voltage spike, a counter spike is activated to eliminate the noise. Since noise spikes are pure voltage carrying virtually no charge, the cancelation is quite good, but not perfect. Adding more Tesla coils in parallel, increases the noise cancellation and the perceived blackness in the music increases significantly along with the purity and clarity of the sound. Ansuz uses various types of Tesla coils, as their individual properties ideally complement and reinforce each other.
Active zirconium Tesla coil
Based on Ansuz general curiosity on the properties of different materials, Ansuz has implemented a zirconium bar in their anti aerial resonance coil design. This is another impressive upgrade to the Ansuz anti aerial resonance coil technology.

The properties of this zirconium bar allow for unprecedented resonance control resulting in outstanding musical refinement that creates a natural soundstage, unrivalled in its purity, precision and attention to musical detail.
7 800 000 Ft
272x397x97 mm
10,70×15,62×3,81 Inches
4 kg
8,8 lb
IEC C14 230/110 V
12 kg/db