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Alluxity Mono One
Alluxity Mono One
7 850 000 Ft

Alluxity Mono One

Alluxity Mono One
Defined control with delicate tonality

The Alluxity Mono One’s are a compact solution for the audiophiles that cares for simplicity in both sound and design. They offer mellow and soothing storytelling without compromising the rawness needed to display the whole spectrum of moods and emotions. They allow the audience the sink back, synchronize, harmonize and integrate themselves with the music that fills the room.

The Mono One’s were designed as a compact but more powerful and defined solution for the Power One. Packing 250W (8ohm RMS) in each channel, they’re also fitted with an extra set of parallel output transistors securing their performance even at heavy loads.
7 850 000 Ft
1 Balanced (XLR)
1 Unbalaced (RCA)
250W 8ohm RMS
≈500W 4ohm RMS
≈1000 2ohm RMS
43.5 x 10.5 x 31.5 cm
17.1 x 4.1 x 12.4 inch
17.5kg / 38.5 punds
42 kg/db